Main Benefits


Our three-tiered rewards program is designed to provide superior benefits and privileges to all cardholders, with additional exclusive rewards for each level upgrade.

We will automatically track for you the number of points you accumulate and let you know whether your card status has been upgraded for a Silver Rewards or a VIP Gold card. When upgraded, you can pick up your new Silver or Gold card at any participating restaurant near you.

Remember the more you use your card, the more unique benefits and privileges you will be entitled to!

Rewards Card

Silver Rewards

VIP Gold


SAR 5,000

SAR 20,000


Spend SR1.00 = Earn 1 Reward Point

Double Points

Spend SR1.00 = Earn 2 Reward Points


Priority Seating

Triple Points

Spend SR1.00 = Earn 3 Reward Points


Reservation Privilege


A Free Dessert

Points Redemption Value

500 pts. earned = SR25 value

500 pts. earned = SR25 value

500 pts. earned = SR25 value