Terms & Conditions


  1. These terms and conditions (“terms”) govern your participation in the Alfa Co. Rewards Program (“program”), which is operated by Alfa Co. for Operation Services Ltd. (“Alfa Co.”), the use of the Alfa Co. Rewards Cards (“Alfa Card” or “Card”), the collection and use of the program rewards (“rewards”) and any offers associated with the rewards program.
  2. These also set out the terms of the agreement between Alfa Co., its brands participating in the program, namely Steak House, Piatto, FireGrill and City Fresh Kitchen (“Alfa Co. brands”), and the holders of the Alfa Card (“member”).
  3. The terms of the program may be amended, cancelled or withdrawn by Alfa Co. at any time without prior notice and your use of the Alfa Card constitutes your full acceptance of the terms and conditions.


  1. The program is open to all Saudi Arabia residents aged 18 or over, free of charge. The Card remains the property of Alfa Co. and reserves the right to decline issuance of Alfa Card or terminate membership at any time for any good reason such as non-compliance with the program terms or abuse of Rewards Program privileges.
  2. You automatically become a member of the program upon using your card to collect points. To redeem points, however, members should first register online. Only one unique mobile number can be associated to each individual Card. A new Card cannot be allocated to an existing mobile number unless reasonable proof is provided that the mobile number has been assigned to you. In such cases, the previous membership will be cancelled and a new Card will be issued against that mobile number.
  3. You accept that Alfa Co. may collect your personal data and keep it along with details of your transactions with participating brands of Alfa Co. Your personal data and transactions will be kept private and may only be used for the purposes of administering the reward scheme and statistical analysis. We may also use your details periodically for marketing purposes to allow Alfa Co. and its brands to send you news of special events, offers, and promotions.
  4. You agree that Alfa Co. may periodically automatically extend you additional benefits or make you eligible to win prizes for any future draws.
  5. All personal details and profile information given to Alfa Co. must be accurate and current. It is up to members to update their information should it change and to ensure that all personal details are up to date at all times.
  6. A unique pin number will be issued to you upon registration. This pin number will be required every time you redeem points. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your pin number and account passwords.
  7. You may visit the program website at www.alfaco-rewards.com to check your point balance and transaction history. Alfa Co. or Alfa Co. brands will not be liable for any loss incurred for any transactions, regular or irregular, regarding your account. You are solely responsible for all activities under your account. You agree to immediately notify Alfa Co. immediately for card loss, unauthorized use of your account or any breach of security.
  8. You agree not to use another member’s account at any time.
  9. The program benefits have no monetary value and cannot be sold or transferred. The Card may not be used as a gift or as a guarantee of payment nor may be pooled with the benefits of other members of the Program.
  10. Alfa Co. reserves the right to decide, without prior notice, whether the card benefits can be used in conjunction with a specific offer or promotion.
  11. Alfa Co. may close the Reward Program or introduce or withdraw any offer at any time without prior notice.


  1. The Alfa Co. Rewards Card will be available at all participating Alfa Co. brand locations. The cards remain the property of Alfa Co., and must not be copied or reproduced in any way. If your membership is terminated by Alfa Co., the Card must be returned to the representative of any participating Alfa Co. brand.
  2. Cards or membership accounts should be active within a given year. Absence of activity, whether earning or redeeming points, for a period one year from the date of last activity/transaction will result in the forfeiture of unused points and the cancellation of your card and membership.
  3. In the event your card is lost or stolen, you must report the matter to an Alfa Co.’s Rewards Service Representative or through the program website at the soonest time possible. Upon reporting the loss, the old Card will be disabled. You may recover all unused points of the Red Rewards Card as of the time and date the card is reported lost by getting a new Card and registering it online as replacement for your lost card. However, in the case of lost Silver Rewards and VIP Gold cards, the matter should be reported directly to the Alfa Co. Rewards Service Representative and the replacement card will be issued by Alfa Co., delivered to a participating brand location of your choosing, in which case, you agree to provide Alfa Co. the necessary time for the new cards to be delivered.
  4. You can use your Rewards Card to earn or redeem points for transactions at any participating Alfa brand. However, it cannot be used in conjunction with the FireGrill El Burrito Card. In such cases, you should decide whether to use the Alfa Co. Card or the El Burrito Card.


  1. Rewards points are earned and may be redeemed against cash or card purchases by members within any participating Alfa brand. Points cannot be transferred from one program member to another.
  2. Registration of membership is not required to earn points. You can start using your card and earn points immediately. Please refer to Section 22 for points you will earn for every riyal spent.
  3. To earn points you must present your Card to the restaurant representative or cashier when paying your bill. You cannot earn points without presenting the Card.
  4. Rewards points cannot be earned or redeemed for the following types of transactions: (a) purchase of gift cards or vouchers; (b) food purchases using gift cards; (c) delivery charges; (d) tips; (e) transactions in non- participating Alfa Co. brands.
  5. The value of any points redeemed as part of a transaction will not be eligible to earn further points.
  6. Any inconsistencies noted in your account should be reported to the Restaurant Manager when inside the restaurant premises or to the Alfa Co. Rewards Service Representative by phone when outside. They will do their best to rectify the situation. In the case of any dispute, the decision of the Manager or the Customer Service Representative is final and binding.
  7. The program has three tiers: The Rewards Card, The Silver Rewards and VIP Gold. The tier benefits and maintaining requirements are as follow:

    Rewards Card

    Silver Rewards

    VIP Gold

    Rewards Card
    Silver Rewards
    VIP Gold

    No points requirement

    Requires SAR 5,000 spent within a year to qualify and need to spend SAR 5,000 annually to maintain.

    Requires SAR 20,000 spent within a year to qualify and need to spend SAR 20,000 annually to maintain.

    One Point

    Spend SR1.00 = Earn 1 Reward Point

    Double Points

    Spend SR 1.00 = Earn 2 Reward Points

    Triple Points

    Spend SR 1.00 = Earn 3 Reward Points

    Priority Seating

    Reservation Privilege

    Free Dessert

  8. Alfa Co. reserves the right to add or remove tier benefits without prior notice.
  9. Once you meet the required spending for a higher tier status, you will be informed of your automatic tier upgrade by email and your new Card will be delivered to a participating brand location of your choosing. All unused points will be transferred to your new Card.
  10. Should you not meet the annual required spending to maintain your current higher tier Silver Rewards or VIP Gold status, you will be informed by email that your Card is downgraded to the appropriate lower tier, depending on the total spending the previous year.


  1. You should inform restaurant staff or cashier of your intention to pay for a purchase by redemption points before completing payment for the purchase. You must present your card to the staff or cashier then you will be asked to punch your PIN Card Number on the machine to complete the transaction. The “No Card/No Pin, No Redemption” Policy will strictly be observed.
  2. Points Value: 500 points = SR25.
  3. You must accumulate at least 500 points to be able to start redeeming your rewards points.
  4. Minimum number of points that can be redeemed per transaction is 500 points or SR25 value. You can redeem points for any cash or card transactions within a participating Alfa brand. Redemptions of Points must be for the full riyal (SR) amount of any transaction.
  5. Members may be allowed to pay a portion of his/her transaction using points and the rest using cash or card as long as the points redeemed exceed 500 points per transaction.


  1. If the loyalty card was used at least once within the past twelve months, no points will expire from the loyalty card balance. However, if the loyalty card was not used during a period of twelve months, all points accumulated before will be expired and removed from the balance of the card.
  2. GIFT CARDS must be redeemed by the guests within a period of twelve months from the purchased date. After twelve months of validity, the remaining balance will be dropped.

This document is in the Arabic and English languages. If there is any discrepancy between the Arabic and the English texts, the Arabic text prevails. These Terms are governed by the laws of the relevant territory. All members irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the relevant territory for purposes of any legal action arising out of or related to these Terms.